Pregnancy Complications

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Are you Experiencing Complications During Pregnancy?

As pregnancy is such a joyous occasion in ones life we often forget, or perhaps choose to ignore the possible pregnancy complications which may arise, and cause harm to both you and your growing baby. Pregnancy complications should never be overlooked, even if you may never have any, it is better to know what the problems and complications are occurring during your pregnancy

Pregnancy Complications

Many women face some minor health problems and pregnancy complications, but there are some women who unfortunately get faced with more serious complications during pregnancy. When these pregnancy complications occur, usually a visit to your healthcare provider is required. It’s very important to report any unusual pregnancy symptoms to them, so you can get checked out. Below are some common pregnancy complications and unusual pregnancy symptoms, and how to treat them.

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Anemia – Complications During Pregnancy

One of the common pregnancy complications, this occurs when there is an insufficient amount of blood cells circulating in the mother’s blood. At some point in their pregnancy, many woman experience this pregnancy complication. Mild cases of anemia during pregnancy shouldn’t harm your baby. There are two common types of anemia during pregnancy. The first, called dilutional anemia, is an increase of circulating blood sometimes up to 40-50% in order to sustain the growing baby. The second type of anemia during pregnancy is iron deficiency anemia, which is when a woman’s iron-level is insufficient and red blood cells aren’t being made in a great enough level.

Treatment for Anemia During Pregnancy

If you are suffering from iron deficiency anemia, then you should be taking an iron supplement which will help with this pregnancy complication. In addition, there are iron-rich foods that are helpful for these pregnancy complications, such as baked potatoes, red meat, kidney beans, spinach, fish, chicken and pork, which will also aid in the replenishment of iron levels in your pregnant body. If you are unable to absorb iron into your bloodstream, IV or injectable iron supplementation may be required. Folic acid or vitamin B12 may also be taken as well.

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) During Pregnancy

Chronic hypertension is when a woman’s blood pressure is elevated before pregnancy. Pregnancy-induced hypertension, however, is when a woman’s blood pressure is elevated only during pregnancy. About 8% of pregnancies result in pregnancy-induced hypertension, and usually develops anytime after 20 weeks. Generally speaking, pregnancy-induced hypertension occurs close to a woman’s due date, and will resolve itself after delivery of the baby.

Pre-eclampsia – Complications During Pregnancy

Pre-eclampsia during pregnancy is a syndrome that occurs only in pregnancy, and is characterized by high blood pressure, protein in the urine, and an increased swelling in the legs and feet. About 6-8% of pregnant women experience this pregnancy complication, close to 90% of those are first-time mothers. Many women don’t know they are suffering from pre-eclampsia during their pregnancy, and are told by their healthcare provider after their blood pressure is taken. Some of the symptoms of pre-eclampsia during pregnancy are persistent headaches, flashing light, blurred vision and seeing spots, upper abdominal pain and sudden excessive lower leg swelling. Read more on pre-eclampsia during pregnancy.

Treatment for Pre-eclampsia During Pregnancy

Since the cause of pre-eclampsia during pregnancy is unknown, accurate treatment for it remains unproven. Most healthcare providers and doctors will agree that birth is typically the only cure. If a woman is close to her due date, and is suffering from pre-eclampsia during pregnancy, her delivery may become induced, as suffering from these pregnancy complications is serious.

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Eclampsia – Complications During Pregnancy

Eclampsia during pregnancy is a very rare, but serious pregnancy complication in which it’s developed as a result of a pregnant woman having pre-eclampsia. The major symptoms of eclampsia are seizures and coma, so diagnosing pre-eclampsia during pregnancy can be vital.

Treatment for Eclampsia During Pregnancy

Eclampsia is considered a medical emergency, and can be treated by giving the pregnant mother oxygen and drugs in order to prevent any further seizures from occurring. In addition, urgent delivery of the baby is necessary in order to treat the pregnant mother properly.

Other Pregnancy Complications

Aside from anemia, hypertension, pre-eclampsia and eclampsia during pregnancy, there are other forms of pregnancy complications that a pregnant woman can experience. Uterine problems such as fibroids can occur. Fibroids are benign growths on the uterus and are more common in older woman than younger women. Bowel problems such as anal fissure, hemorrhoids and a few others can also occur. Digestive problems, infections, and joint issues are also types of pregnancy complications that can occur.

All in all, no matter what the pregnancy complication is, it should be reported to your healthcare physician, so that they may check you out and ensure that the pregnancy complications you are experiencing aren’t putting your pregnant body or you baby in any danger.

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